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Welcome to the 13th North American Comparative Immunology (NACI) Workshop. These meetings have been held annually since 2009 to foster collaborations among established investigators, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students interested in immune function in a wide range of model and non-model organisms.

The field of immunology has long benefitted from studies in model organisms: Metchnikoff first described phagocytosis in sea star larva; seminal work in chickens defined the roles of B and T lymphocytes; and Drosophila mutants revealed the importance of pattern recognition receptors.  These findings have not only re-defined our understanding of animal immune responses but also inform studies with direct relevance to human health.  In the face of a changing climate, both wildlife and domesticated species used globally in aquaculture and agriculture face severe challenges. Studying organisms that are either directly threatened or species used in industry can provide unique insight into immunobiology, medicine and evolution and the potential for novel therapeutics.

At NACI, we highlight research in the evolution of immune systems, development of immune cells, the immune dialogue between host, microbiota, and pathogens, as well as ecological aspects of disease. Students are strongly encouraged to present their research. The workshops provide a venue for exciting interactions to generate new ideas and collaborations.

This year, NACI will be hosted by Auburn University.  We look forward to seeing you at our 2023 NACI meeting in Auburn, Alabama!

War Eagle!

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